Presentation counts for property management too

By Shannon Callanan

Most times when we undertake the leasing and marketing campaign for a rental property, the presentation is a result of the last tenant.

There is much to gain getting the presentation of a rental property to a level of appeal. In the first instance, the gain comes from the highest level of rent possible for the market at the time, and a choice of tenants also comes to those who invest in well presented homes. The cherry on top moment is the shortest possible vacancy period.

To get a property looking its best is not as expensive as you might first think.

Legislation keeps the responsibility of vacating tenants to ‘reasonably clean’ so things like window cleaning, pruning, and an exterior house clean can all set the property apart from the rest.

When was the last time you inspected your investment property at time of a leasing and marketing campaign? Is this a property you would live in?

There is no doubt that a fresh and clean feeling property will achieve the best response, just as in the case in a sales campaign. More than this though, a new tenant entering a property that is delivered in this condition will start their tenancy without discontent around cleaning and repairs.

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