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Community Partnerships

Ray White Warrnambool is dedicated to providing quality Real Estate services in our region and to reinvest our profits back into our region where they are made. It means those who conduct business with us at Ray White Warrnambool help make our communities thriving places to live, work & visit.

Since 1998 we’ve given back $20,000 to over 30 community groups. This is only made possible by the customers who have chosen to do business with us. Growing our customer base allows us to thrive and boosts our capacity to provide funding and support to more organisations in the future.

What is a community partnership?

A community partnership is a formal arrangement between Ray White Warrnambool and your organisation. We look for ways we can promote and grow our business and you generally look for funds or support for an event, program or project. And most importantly we both commit to delivering it. For example, you could provide our Director Jess Densley with an opportunity to address your members, and also display our banner at your event. We both agree on who gets what out of the deal.

An example of a community partnership is us supporting a community event. We might do this by providing funds or in-kind support like admin assistance or advertising. And in return we ask for your group to promote us to your organisation’s members and the wider community. We also want you and the members of your organisation to talk to our staff about bringing any of your Real estate requirements to our business. The more properties we manage and sell on a yearly basis the more we can help the communities we serve.

Objectives of our community partnership program

Ray White Warrnambool looks to develop community partnerships that are mutually beneficial. We like to support events and projects that benefit the community (and your organisation) and also provide opportunities for us to spread the word about what we do, how we differ from other Real Estate businesses and how we strengthen our local communities. So it’s a win win arrangement for your organisation and our business..

What benefits are we seeking in return for funding?

Anything that will help us to promote and grow our business!
We look for the chance to meet more members of our community and help them to get to know us. We love getting opportunities to explain how our business works and benefits our communities.
We look for ways to promote our business, to increase our visibility in the community and grow our business. We love when organisations we support encourage their members or the community to conduct any Real Estate needs they have with us. We also like to fly banners, put our logo on promotional materials and chat to your members.

Where does the money come from?

The money comes from the people who choose to do business with us. By choosing Ray White Warrnambool for your Real Estate requirements, whether it be managing your investment property or selling your home, you help grow our profits and then we distribute these profits to our communities. The more you bank with us, the more the community benefits. And the more profits we make, the more we give back through our community partnership program.

How you and your organisation can contribute to your community

You can help by conducting any of your Real Estate needs with us:

  • Managing your investment property
  • Selling your home or even just getting an updated value for your property.

Who is eligible to receive funding?

Any community-based organisations that require financial assistance and ongoing support. Ideally we like to become involved in initial funding and then provide the ongoing marketing assistance to raise funds. We have an internal database of over 5000 clients that we can communicate your message to spread the word further throughout the community.

Who and what’s not eligible?

  • Events associated with gambling
  • Events that create environmental hazards
  • Programs that may present a hazard to the community
  • Programs that do not reflect community standards
  • Projects that benefit an individual rather than a community
  • Projects that support private businesses and commercial activities
  • Activities which are religious or political in nature, or support a religious or political cause

How do I apply?

Please get in touch with our community managers with the details below:
Steve Aberline 0435 755 477
Hayley Shannon 0402 804 076

Or call in to our office at 64 Banyan Street Warrnambool 3280

How are applications assessed?

Our mission is to foster an inclusive, fun and thriving community.
All applicants must meet criteria. For example, there must be some level of community involvement in the project or activity and it must deliver a benefit to the community. If your project or activity fits our mission and shows potential for increasing our customers, then you are way in front. Each application is voted internally by our staff members on a set of criteria that we have outlined above.

How long does the application process take?
Allow up to 30 days from the time you submit your enquiry for a response from us. For bigger projects, we appreciate longer lead time in order to plan marketing activities or campaigns.

How do I find out if our group is successful and will receive funding or support?
Your organisation will be contacted about the outcome of your application. A phone call and email will be sent to the person nominated whether your group was successful or unsuccessful.

Things to consider when preparing your application:

  • Will this funding benefit the community?
  • How will your organisation benefit from the partnership?
  • How many other sponsors are involved?