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A Truly Wonderful Neighbour

As part of our community involvement here at Ray White Warrnambool we love hearing stories of people in our community looking out for others.
Below is a story which was shared by a member of our community who would like to recognise an amazing individual who, by the simple act of delivering the local newspaper, saved a persons life!

“If you look up the definition of ‘neighbour’, either in the Bible or the dictionary, you would find all the character traits listed in Gus Hyland. We were blessed to be Gus’s next door neighbour for 11 years. He grew vegetables for us, let our three young boys ride up and down the driveway in his boat, and was just generally the perfect neighbour. When my parents retired from their farm in the Mallee they moved into our house while we moved down the road. Mum and Dad were now the ones to benefit from Gus’s care, friendliness, helpfulness and thoughtfulness. The three of them were the best of friends. Mum passed on and for the next six years Gus was a wonderful friend to Dad. It would be a fair comment to say that he helped us keep Dad in his own home. He would deliver the paper at nine o’clock each morning and come back an hour later for a cuppa and a chat. Poor Gus had to put up with Dad’s memory problems, hearing the same stories over and over again.

Of course, Gus was a good neighbour to all around him and this brings me to the point of this story. My family and I would like to honour Gus and thank him for saving the life of one of his neighbours recently. Each morning he would deliver the newspaper and just leave it inside the wire security door. One day he went to do this and noticed that yesterday’s was still there. He thought that this was very strange and tried knocking on the door but there was no response. Gus knew something was wrong. He called the police. They were able to get into the house and found the neighbour seriously ill. The policemen told Gus that he called them just in time. Gus, and the local newspaper, saved this person’s life!

We thank you, Gus.”

Written by Gail Zeunert

If you would like to recognise someone within our community who has provided exceptional community service, simply email our Marketing Coordinator at 

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