Good Friday Appeal seeking volunteers

By Jess Densley

 Some bunny cares: Volunteers are needed in Warrnambool to shake tins and collect donations for the 2018 Good Friday Appeal on March 30.

 JANINE Sheen is challenging Warrnambool to beat all records for this year’s Good Friday Appeal.

And the president of the Royal Children’s Hospital Auxiliary South-West isn’t one to ask politely.

“Last year we had 60 volunteers,” she said. “Let’s see if we can beat that number this year.

“And we raised $31,000, so we should be able to beat that figure too.”

The Good Friday Appeal is an annual fundraiser for patients and families at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital.

This year’s event will be held on March 30.

Mrs Sheen said the community needed to remember the hospital was a life-saving facility many in the south-west relied on.

“Every person you know probably knows someone that has been to the Royal Children’s,” Mrs Sheen said. “This is your chance to pay back.

Mrs Sheen said Warrnambool volunteers will be collecting on Banyan Street, Fairy Street, Caramut Road and outside the Flying Horse.

“We need a minimum of 40 people, aged over 16, to volunteer between 8am and 3pm,” she said. “It doesn’t matter if you can do one hour or all day.

“The more we have the more we can rotate and the more on the road, the more we can donate.

“That’s why we should all get involved.”

Ms Sheen said she had her own personal reasons for wanting to support the cause.

“Both my husband and son have spent time at the Royal Children’s,” she said. “In fact we’ve been there on and off for 13 years.

Wearing costumes has been a non-compulsory element added to the event over the years.

“If you want to dress up, sure why not,” she said. “We’ve already got a bunny coming to Banyan, some fairies on Fairy Street, netballers on Caramut Road and who-knows-what out at the Flying Horse.”

Interested volunteers can contact Mrs Sheen on 0400 907 379.


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